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Plastic food containers

The way that life has been organized nowadays for the majority of the population in our country, as well as in the biggest part of the world, inevitably leads to this – trying to make our life easier so that we could successfully fulfill our everyday tasks for less time and in a way that is optimally comfortable, so that we could be effective at the expense of little efforts or need and time for preparation. This is exactly the moment when plastic food containers come to help, and they definitely have a lot of benefits due to which we use them regularly.

Are the packages harmful to our health and the environment?

Using the variety of offered sized of food containers, prepared in accordance with the mass and the individual demand, we seek for practicalness and convenience. Undoubtedly these are the leading criteria but it is also good to mention the other side of things – and in particular what benefits and negatives this has over health and what is the extend to which we pay attention to recycling and environmental protection.


Mainly due to the change in the everyday working process at a greater part of the different industries, and the schedules that get more and more overloaded, using things like plastic containers and boxes is more important because it saves time. We prefer drinking our coffee at work in a plastic cup, because we have just got it from the nearest cafeteria or coffee machine. We cover our food with foil and preserve it in plastic containers. If you think a bit more, we carry clothes in which there is a type of artificial plastic threads. Not to mention the debit and credit cards that are now an everyday item that we use for shopping.


Plastic turns out to be a product of various applications that could be enumerated in a long list. It even has an application in the vascular surgery, and this is something that could tell you a lot about its wide range of mass usage.


Therefore it is important to pay attention how good quality it is and that it should not be harmful to the health. It is exactly in this respect where knowledge and concern of the customer as being the end user comes ahead. There are certain standards to which plastic containers should meet, in accordance with the European directives and the local regulations, and the users should file a signal if they have any concern that these regulations have not been kept. If they notice that the respective symbols that need to present on the label are missing, if there is a problem that could appear during storing the food, it is their job to inform the respective authorities that there might be incorrect traders. Even though it is not a common practice, which is the positive side in the case, but there are still some traders that are trying to earn money using wrong and illegal actions.


But in general, when the plastic food packages for multiple and for single use are produced qualitatively and all the necessary requirements have been kept, for sure they do not present danger to our health and when the users are willing to be informed, they know what they should look at and what they should be careful about.


Environmental protection also depends on people, too. Even if the manufacturers produce packages that are for recycling, it is the task of the end user to dispose them where appropriate. That is why separating the garbage is important – because protecting the environment and taking care of it have an inevitable effect over our health and our quality of life. When we take care of nature, it also takes care of us and returns everything in double. When we do not pay attention to the nature while surrounded by the comfort of our home and city, it is for sure that the nature will not withstand as long as we might think. On the contrary – it is our obligation to be as kind to it as the nature is towards us.

What are the advanrages?

- Save time


Food is an everyday care and it is something that we can not ignore at all, because eating is vital, and it is quite often that we have to carry some food at work for lunch or snack, because the lunch break is usually not enough to go out of the office and find a place somewhere to eat. So plastic containers, and especially the packages for single use save us not only the time that we are going to lose if we decide to take a bite at the nearest cafeteria, but this will also save us money as well as the time for cleaning them. Because we do not need to wash such food containers, we just throw them away at the nearest basket.


-They are light weighted


Another major advantage that they have is being of light weight and this definitely makes them preferable for both, taking food to the office or to the school, as well as using them for longer trips. This is the characteristic that makes them easy to be used, especially for children avoiding adding more weight to the books in the backpack matters a lot. And having food containers made of plastic or light weighted metal, is a plus to the benefits that make such containers preferable by more people to use them more often for themselves and for their children.


- Allows combining different types of food inside


In general, we do not like it so much having our food mixed in one place and most of the people prefer having the salad separately, and for sure it is not pleasant when you have the dessert and the main dish that you have chosen to take, to get mixed for some reason. Plastic food containers for multiple usage provide us with convenience thanks to the barriers that they have built-in inside. In such a way we can carry different types of food at the same container, without worrying that the food inside could mix or something else might happen.


- Keep food fresh


When using plastic food containers, especially those for single use, you can not help but notice that there is some kind of hermetic closing effect when closing the lid, and the food that is inside retains its freshness even though it is not in the refrigerator for a couple of hours but if the surrounding temperature is normal of course. At the same time, when we are talking about temperature it is good to mention that it is important what type of plastic cups you are using. They should be quality made, with certain amount of material put in it, so that the cup is solid enough to get hot liquid poured inside and not hurt your fingers at the same time. And this characteristic is quite useful when we decide to go out for a picnic for example.


- Great variety


This is not the last advantage and you could have already noticed it, but we can not skip but mention the great variety that those food containers have to offer. Plastic cups and plastic containers can be found in different sizes, as well as colour and shapes. Manufacturers try to meet all their clients’ requirements, being competitive enough on the market that is why they are using their most ultimate efforts to keep this variety.


And such variety should be kept and developed, due to the great competition that presents on the market, and in general the food industry is constantly developing at fast pace, especially during the resent years. And this is not only in the area of technology and production, but also in the area of seeking quick and easy decisions that concern the transportation of food products, their circulation, the why they are transferred by the big companies, but also by every single person, as being the end user and at the same time the food that we bring home or to the office to be fresh and preserved, without any negative consequences. It is exactly those high standards that of hygienic requirements that set a high level in the industry and the manufacturers of food containers should comply with, results to the presence of much better and quality plastic containers for multiple and singe use.


Benefits for the end user


As users, and due to the lack of time that we suffer every day, we are constantly in a search of finding easy solutions for both, us and our children. Disposable plastic food containers, as well as including the plastic cups, simultaneously offer us one practical, easy and cheap solution. The material itself does not weight a lot at all, it is compact because plastic plates and cups could be placed one inside the other, saving a lot of space in such a way, and this is quite important for example when we prepare our luggage or when we get the things ready for a picnic. This light weight allows us to take at the same time even extra items.


Convenient and practical food containers facilitate in general the whole process of goods circulation, as well as food consumption, because the food is not damaged, but fresh and preserved at the same time. And when using such containers for multiple use, we save materials and means at the same time.


Advantages for traders


Plastic food containers are extremely practical not only for the end users, but for the companies that are dealing with activities within the food industry. In general – food containers, made of plastic and intended for multiple use, offer much faster return on investment, cut the costs of the manufacturer and the distribution of the goods, as well as the possibilities for storing them is easier and more convenient. Even if travelling and deliveries increase, and there is change in the price for the other expenses, this type of packaging continue having benefit for the better storing, preserve the good well, and due to their light weight, the possibility of getting into an accident decreases.